Ozark-Dale County E911 breaks down what happened with collapsed student

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OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Controversy sparked last week after a Dale County High student collapsed under a cardiac arrest during football practice, with some saying the first responder response was inadequate.

To help clarify misinformation regarding the incident, Paula Simmons, executive director of Ozark-Dale County E911, released a timeline on what happened on Aug. 6, compiled from data taken from the computer aided dispatch:

7:14 a.m.Head Coach Don Moore calls Ozark-Dale County E911, which handles 911 calls for all Dale County towns except Daleville, and tells them that a player was having trouble breathing.

E911 then transfers the call to the Midland City Police dispatch, who says that emergency personnel would be on the way.

7:16 a.m.Ozark-Dale County E911 gets another call from Moore, who said the student was not breathing. CPR was being performed at the time.

Several dispatchers try to contact both Pilcher’s Ambulance Service and the police dispatch. Pilcher’s is unavailable while the call to Midland City Police goes to the answering machine.

7:17 a.m.Another call is made to the police dispatch with an alternative number. Midland City Police dispatch says they did not have an ambulance responding to the scene so Ozark-Dale County E911 dispatches Ozark EMS.

7:18 a.m. Dale County deputy arrives on the scene to help with CPR and the usage of an AED.

7:20 a.m.Ozark-Dale County E911 checks with Midland City again. This time, they say that a first-responder is now there helping with CPR and the AED.

7:25 a.m.Midland City calls Ozark -Dale County E911 and tells that that the first responder has recommended deploying “Survival flight” should the ambulance not arrive soon.

7:31 a.m.Ozark EMS arrives and takes over the operation.

In total, the affair took around 17 minutes from the first call to the arrival of the ambulance.

To add to the timeline, Simmons also sent out the following statement:

First and foremost we are pleased to learn of the positive and continual improving condition of the patient in this case. Our prayers are that he continues to improve and will be re-united with his classmates soon. Finally our dispatchers manage hundreds of calls daily and the safety of the officers, firefighters and citizens we serve along with the efficiency in which we conduct operations is our top priority. We hope this provides some sort of clarity to this incident and we are looking forward to moving ahead.

Paula Simmons, Ozark-Dale County E911 Executive Director

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