McCraney defense requests evidence collected by victim’s father

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OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Defense attorneys Andrew Scarborough and David Harrison have made more motions for evidence in the Beasley-Hawlett case.

This time, the defense is asking all documents, photos and items collected by Lanier Beasley, the father of J.B. Beasley, in his own investigation of the case.

The defense’s motion states that chief investigator Lt. Michael Bryan of the Ozark Police Department went to Beasley’s home in Jack with two FBI agents and took the items as evidence.

While the exact nature of these documents is not stated, the defense believes they may help prove suspect Coley McCraney’s innocence.

Beasley has previously gone on the record and said he does not believe McCraney killed his daughter or Tracie Hawlett.

In his testimony during McCraney’s bond hearing, Beasley said he was told an officer was involved in the girls’ death. He also said he learned that a drug cartel operating throughout the South was connected.

However, there was some dispute over Beasley’s testimony since the information was second-hand, making it hearsay.

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