Man who allegedly killed 15-year-old while high may get charges lessened

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NEWVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — “Boom ba-boom” was the sound Cody Jenkins’ mother heard when 27-year-old Jeremy Carruthers’ 2014 Chevrolet Impala ran off the roadway and struck Cody as he walked through the yard.

Carruthers then continued striking two parked vehicles before colliding with a utility pole, all while allegedly under the influence.

“When my parents came running across the yard wanting to know what had happened, we started (asking), “Where’s Cody?” said Lydia Gordon, Cody’s mother. “They said, ‘He’s at your house.” We said, ‘No, he went to your house.’ That’s when we looked over and saw his body lying in a field.”

Carruther’s bond was set at half a million dollars, and he is still in jail, but that may change since the district attorney’s office submitted paperwork to have the charge dropped from murder to manslaughter.

“Him getting out doesn’t just put that particular road in danger; it puts everybody in danger,” Gordon said. “It could be Pat Jones’ child or grandchild or something this time. Is he going to treat it the same way?”

Gordon said the only way this will be fair is if it’s life for a life, which isn’t a possibility. She does believe that Carruthers shouldn’t be walking out of jail anytime soon.

“You need to pay the price, and that’s what Pat Jones said he was going to do. If you did the crime, you were going to do the time.”

Gordon said she believes that this is murder, and that’s what Carruthers needs to be charged with.

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