Local resident claims she was wrongfully evicted

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —Mary Pughs reached out to WDHN News 18, claiming she was wrongfully evicted from her home.

“It’s just been hell trying to get some assistance from those who are in authority,” she said. “It’s like what he does to me doesn’t matter,

“I paid him $200, which my rent was $ 500. I said well can you go ahead and take the other 
$300 out of my deposit. I said just take the $300 out of my deposit, and he said nah, nah, nah, I ain’t going to do that.”

Pugh told us as she was going out of her back door,  she noticed a written document on her door.

“About 30 minutes to an hour later, I go to my back door, and there’s a note on the door, and it said I’ll take $300 out of your deposit and give you the $200 if you can be out before this evening,” she said.

According to Legal Services of Alabama, Tracie Melvin, there are eviction processes landlords should follow.

“The landlord who is giving the notice, it could be written in ink, or it can be typed, and it has to specify the reason why the person is to be evicted, if it’s non-payment of rent or parking on the grass,” Melvin said. “Whatever the reason is the notice has to specify the reason, and they have to give the person seven days to correct the problem.”

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