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Coley McCraney enters Dale Co. Courthouse


Clarification: Another media outlet reported that the criminal charges came from Air Force records in 2004. However, Marlos Walker told us Thursday that the records were from 1994.


1:50 PM UPDATE: Coley McCraney is in the Dale County Courthouse. He arrived just before 1:30 PM in a Dale County Sheriff’s Office patrol Tahoe. McCraney, not shackled in any form, was wearing a dark suit and tie. He was flanked by Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson and Chief Deputy Mason Bynum as well as other DCSO deputies.

McCraney’s defense attorney, David Harrison, seen in a bow tie and suit met McCraney on the sidewalk. The two shook hands and entered through a basement door on the side of the building along with the contigency of people.

McCraney did not answer any media questions. 

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