EXCLUSIVE: Body cam footage shows new perspective on officer-involved incident

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — New body cam footage has been made available of an incident between Dothan police and a man at a Citgo gas station.

When we first brought you the story, it was reported that police were trying to help Kevin Monkman when he woke up and “went berserk” on them. Chief Steve Parrish said a woman then joined in and jumped on an officer during the altercation.

But according to Monkman, there is more to the story.

While he was indeed having a problem on the pavement, he denied using any type of illegal drugs.

“I was drinking a lot that day,” Monkman said. “I was celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but I didn’t use any drugs.”

According to Monkman, he was celebrating with his friends, and he says after hanging with his friends for a few hours, he decided to go for a walk.

“I went walking up Montgomery Highway, and I ended up going to another liquor store,” he said. “I had already had quite a bit to drink that day, and I brought a small bottle of liquor and pack of cigarettes, and I was listening to my music in my headphones, and I was drinking out of my bottle. And that’s the last thing I remember.”

The Emergency Call

According to police, they responded to a call about a person down at the Citigo. Officers said when they tried to assist the suspect he became combative.

Monkman’s mother, Michelle Coel, questioned the need for so many officers and says her son was not aggressive with the cops.

“It became aggressive when the second officer came up and started yelling at the woman and pulled his taser and pointed at that woman,” she said. “That’s when it became a battle, and the battle was them attacking my son.”

The body cam footage appears to show that the serious injuries suffered by two officers were actually self-inflicted, not because of Monkman.

“My son was initially charged with two felonies, and on the video, you hear the officer saying that he broke his hand again punching my son,” said Michelle Coel, Monkman’s mother. “Then you see the officer’s leg who was broken. When he fell back, the other officer pushed him, and he fell back. My son was already subdued at the point.”

In the video, an officer can be heard saying that the one who injured his leg “rolled over on his knee.” The officer with the hand injury says how he broke it.

“I think I broke my hand punching him,” he said.

Neither the dashcam nor body cam footage appears to show the woman, Carla Meeks, jumping on an officer. Instead, she was initially cradling Monkman’s head while officers attempted to gain control of the situation.

“You don’t have to be rough with him; he’s sick!” she yelled.

Officers then drove her away, at which point she walked toward the store.

Monkman says he wants to know why this had to happen, saying he had no prior ill will to officers.

“I’ve always respected police growing up,” he said. “Most of my family is military, all different branches, and I never had a problem with law enforcement, and I’ve always been able to rely on them for my issues.”

When we last spoke with Parrish about the incident, he said the officers’ actions were justified.

“If anyone has the reason to believe otherwise, they should file a formal complaint with the Police Department, and it will be investigated in accordance with policy,” he said.

Warning: You can watch the video here, but we have to inform you that it contains explicit language not suitable for all audiences. WDHN does not endorse any viewpoints or opinions of the officers’ performance that are present in this video.

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