Evidence from Hawlett sexual assault kit to possibly be brought into court

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OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Another pair of motions were filed Friday by McCraney’s defense attorneys concerning DNA evidence.

The first motion requested the evidence recovered from J.B. Beasley’s clothing and a vaginal swab performed the girl’s body, which provided the DNA match with Coley McCraney. The defense has also asked for information on who held the sample throughout the years.

However, the second motion introduced a possible new talking point for attorneys when the trial begins: Tracie Hawlett’s rape kit.

Both girls had rape kits performed at the time of their autopsies, but only J.B. was found to have DNA evidence of a sexual assault.

According to the defense, they believe the state may bring in evidence from Tracie’s rape kit to trial. They have requested information on the chain of command as well.

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