Dothan ministry works to save homeless from sweltering heat

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the intense heat we’ve been seeing for weeks, many people have had to figure out how to stay safe from heat sicknesses.

But for the homeless, options are limited.

For many of us, when it gets hot, we have a home or apartment where we can go to cool off, but many don’t have a home to go.

Rod Faulk is one such person, having lived on the streets since 2016.

“My situation, well I’ve been trying to find somewhere to stay for the last three years,” Faulk said. “I still keep getting held up. I don’t know what the real estate situation is with Dothan, but it’s not like it should be.”

Rob said during the summer he goes to libraries or other places that allow him to go in and cool off.

“They got warming stations when it’s cold,” Faulk said. “They need cooling stations like this when it’s hot.”

For people like Rod, ministries like Love in Action provide much-needed relief during the intense heat.

“We go to the camps, we go to motels and different places to serve food,” said Ken Tuck, president of Love in Action Internation Ministries. “In this hot weather, we have cold bottles of water we also take out with the food because we need to help keep our friends hydrated.”

Tuck said they have come across some who were close to being dehydrated but were able to give them water and Gatorade to help.

“So far we haven’t experienced anyone who has passed out because of the heat,” Tuck said. “I think that’s a statement for the ministries here in Dothan who are out helping the less fortunate.”

For Tuck, it’s important to know where the people are in order to check on them.

If you want to help Love in Action International Ministries, you can contact them at (334) 494-4995 or on Facebook.

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