Dog killed in front of little girl; mother concerned for neighborhood’s safety

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Warning: The video attached to this article contains graphic images.

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A little girl witnessed her best friend get attacked by the neighbor’s dog.

That best friend was her four-pound poodle. It happened at her home on Woodleigh Road while the family watched.

Shavona Thomas, owner and mother, said she and her daughter let Max outside for his night walk. However, that routine changed in a matter of seconds Tuesday night.

She says as the dog ran back to the house she heard a loud noise.

“Out of nowhere, this big old German Sheperd came from next door and attacked him,” Thomas said. “He was biting on his neck shaking him just like a rag doll that’s the only way I can describe it.”

Moments before this happened, her daughter told Max to come home.

“She would tell him to hurry, and when I saw the dog the only thing, I could think of it was life, like my daughter,” she said.

Thomas pushed her daughter in the house and sprung into action to save Max.

“All I could do was grab for rakes and brooms and stuff and just like let it go,” Thomas said. “I saw the neighbor over there, and she wasn’t doing nothing.”

Thomas is afraid that next time it will be a human and not a dog.

WDHN attempted to speak with the German shepherd’s owner, but they were not home. Thomas said this isn’t the first time the canine attacked another dog.

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