DHS teacher receives more charges for committing sex acts with student

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Former Dothan High School math teacher Julia Engle has been charged with engaging with a sexual act with a student and two charges for sending obscene material to the 16-year-old male student.

She was originally charged with conducting deviant acts with this student back on May 3 on the campus of Dothan High School.

Corporal Lacy Schulmerich said the relationship between Engle and the Student was going on for a few weeks.

Dothan High School officials became suspicious and reported the two’s involvement after rumors were heard around the school.

“We kind of confronted the student about it, which is a usually different scenario with the student who usually tells the student or a parent, and we get it, and we kind of bring it to everyone’s attention, and this case was a little different,” Schulmerich said. “Unfortunately people don’t have the shirt that says I’m interested in your kids or I’m gonna do something with inappropriate.”

“This is just something all staff, teachers, and parents have to stay very vigilant about, (and) teachers have to be very aware of setting those lines and boundaries,” Schulmerich added.

There are search warrants out to find if there are other students who were involved with this case. 

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