Convicted murderer to possibly go free; family fights to stop it

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A convicted murderer with a life sentence might become a free man, but the family of the woman he killed is fighting to stop it.

It’s been nearly two decades since Charles Jones and Elizabeth Tate last saw their sister, Pamela.

“I am 15 years older than Pam, and I felt like she should have been holding my hand when it came time for me to go, but she was there all alone,” said Elizabeth Tate, Pamela’s sister.

Pamela Lynn Jones-Stewart was murdered by her husband, Billy Ray Marchman. Dothan police found her shot to death in the couple’s home after Marchman called the police, telling them he had just shot his wife.

“He was literally standing on the, if I remember right, on one or two steps down from the kitchen into the garage,” Investigator Shane Ash said. “The garage door was open and he was standing in the doorway with her laying behind him in the kitchen.”

Pamela’s death was the beginning of what police suspected to be a failed murder-suicide.

In 2005, Marchman began serving a life sentence in prison for Pamela’s murder, but now, 15 years later, he now has the chance to live the rest of his days as a free man, all because of the Alabama Medical Furlough Act.

“It brings it back up again as if it happened just recently,” said Charles Jones, Pamela’s brother.

Through the act, geriatric, permanently incapacitated and terminally ill inmates can be considered for medical furlough. The only condition is that they can’t be convicted of capital murder or sexual offenses.

“He is being granted mercy because he has cancer, but he showed no mercy towards my sister,” Jones said.

Pamela’s family now calling on Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn and Gov. Kay Ivey to revoke Marchman’s furlough.

“I have no problem sitting in front of Kay Ivey and expressing my thoughts about this,” Jones said. “I’ll do it if that’s what it takes because I will do everything I can to change that law.”

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