BREAKING: Alabama Senate passes paper-only lottery bill

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The Alabama Senate has narrowly approved a lottery bill.

Senators on Thursday voted 21-12 for the bill. It now moves to the Alabama House of Representatives. The bill passed with the minimum 21 votes required to pass a constitutional amendment.

The bill by Republican Sen. Greg Albritton of Atmore would limit a lottery to paper tickets and not allow video lottery terminals.

Senators added two amendments aimed at preventing the “paper” requirement from being used to shut down electronic bingo games at state dog tracks.

If approved by the House and Senate, the proposal would go before voters on March 3, 2020.

Alabama is one of five states without a state lottery.


MONTGOMERY, AL (WIAT) — The Alabama Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee voted out a lottery proposal Tuesday, in a 6 to 5 vote. The bill was introduced by Republican state senator Greg Albritton, his bill would establish a paper-ticket lottery only.

Many lawmaker referrers to this as a clean lottery bill, meaning it doesn’t involve electric gaming.

Senator Jim McClendon also has a lottery bill in the legislature, but his bill isn’t being considered this week. McClendon’s bill would allow for electronic gaming.

Albritton says his bill would generate 170 million dollars annually. He would like the money to go towards the general fund budget, not education. 

We caught up with Albritton Thursday morning, he says he’s not sure if he has the votes. 

“I have a tendency to be a little too facetious at times, maybe we will get through simply on my personality.”  

The Senate will need 21 votes to pass the lottery bill out of the Senate. 

“I think I’m optimistic, it is certainly not in the bag  there’s a lot  people that are interested in the outcome.” 

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