A man acting like a bird attacks Level Plains Officer

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LEVEL PLIANS, Ala. (WDHN) —  “We received a call of a person walking on Rucker Blvd, which is a four-lane and he was acting strangely,” Level Plains Police Chief Keith Gray said. “I think the caller stated he was acting like a bird and trying to get vehicle stop on that four-lane.”

According to Chief Gray when the officer arrived, he made contact with William Doran. Doran told the officer he was homeless and had been living in a tent not too far from the Legacy Gas Station. 

During that conversation, the officer asked Doran to tell him what happened prior to his arrival, and that’s when Doran did the unthinkable.

“The gentleman reached in his tent and pulled a pipe out and came at my officer,” Gray said. “My officer used considerable restraint, as we were trained to do, and had to actually confront him at gunpoint.

Doran didn’t stop there, as the officer tried to detain him he knocked the officer`s body camera off and fled into a nearby wooded area.  When the officer caught up with him, he took the officers flashlight and struck the officer serval times in the head.

William Doran was booked into the Dale County Jail on Assault 1st degree and possession of marijuana.

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