14 -year-old facing criminal charges after flipping a van with 11 minors inside

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —  A 14-year-old faces criminal charges after flipping a van they were driving without a license.

According to authorities, 11 juveniles collided with another car and fled to a nearby restaurant.

”As soon as I got closer to the van to see if anyone was in there or if everyone was okay, the windshield gets kicks out, and kids go everywhere” Patrick Oates said.

An employee from Things N Wings told WDHN the youths ran into the restaurant seeking help.

“They were bleeding and cut up; at least four of them were,” an anonymous witness said. “They were coming to use the bathroom, and they were scared to death, and I was really concerned because they are kids,”

She said she questioned the minors because she could tell they had been injured.

“They told me that they were walking to the store, and a boy stopped and told them he would give them a ride,” she said. “Well, they got in the van with the boy, and from what I understand they flipped the van and the boy got out the van and ran.”

Investigator Terry Nelson said the driver of the vehicle will face charges for putting the children in danger.

“He was charged that day,” Nelson said. “He was charged with 11 counts for reckless endangerment. It will be one charge for each child in the vehicle.”

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