Three-year lawsuit settled between former ALEA head and ex-Gov. Robert Bentley

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SELMA, Ala. (WDHN) — Selma’s soon-to-be-retired police chief, Spencer Collier, confirmed that the three-year legal battle with former Governor Robert Bentley and other officials finally came to a close.

The announcement came Wednesday as both sides confirmed that the lawsuit was settled out of court last month.

Collier formerly served as the head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency until Bentley fired him in 2016.

After this, Collier became the first to publicly accuse Bentley of having an affair with adviser Rebekah Mason and sued numerous people for defamation of character and other offenses.

As of the latest, neither side confirmed how much the parties settled for. In total, the state of Alabama has paid more than $300,000 in legal fees in this case.

“The parties have not yet filed a dismissal in court but anticipate doing so soon,” said John Nieman, attorney for Bentley and former ALEA Secretary Stan Stabler. “Due to confidentiality issues, I can’t speak to any details of the settlement. The settlement does not represent an admission of liability or wrongdoing by anyone involved, and my clients continue to deny the allegations made against them.”

Collier also said he will retire as Selma’s chief of police by July 30. In the meanwhile, he will be on medical leave until the day comes.

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