The Islamic Community Outreach Program: corruption is the problem


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Islamic Community Outreach program is a group in Dothan working to increase peace among people in the wiregrass, especially during this time of riots, protests, and separation

“The thing is we don’t have a problem with police, we don’t have a problem with the government, our problem is with corruption,” said Derrick Furqaan Oliver, Executive Director of the Islamic Community Outreach Center. He continued “so the problem is any time you have corruption inside of an organization that has to be weeded out.”

In the case of George Floyd, Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin violated many of the Minneapolis Police Department’s policies. But in recent days police officers have been seen protesting hand in hand with members of the black lives matter movement.

“There are more police officers marching with the protesters, now we are against looting, we are against any vandalism, that’s not what this is about it takes the focus off of what is important,” Oliver explained.

With over 800,000 active police officers in the United States, Oliver says he doesn’t believe the problem to be all police officers.

“We know that there is only a few but what we have to do is purge that, get that out. The same way with the looters and the rioting, we have to purge that from among us in order to give the true message of what we are trying to do. It’s about peace, it’s about justice and freedom and equality”, Oliver said.

Oliver says that the Koran teaches if you see a wrongdoing- you change it with your hands, meaning do something to change the situation, get out to vote, have hard conversations, make changes in a positive way and if you can’t change it with your hands then speak out against it.

“This is going to take work this is going to take sitting down and bringing everyone to the table and having conversations that produce real change,” Oliver said

During a time of such racial separation in our country, the Islamic Community Outreach Program says we need to come together and rectify the injustice issues at hand.

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