Troy residents remember the live and legacy of John Lewis


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — For residents who reside on John Lewis Street, many say it is an honor to live on a road named after a civil rights icon.

“His legacy is not just for one race it’s for everyone,” Cummings said. “It’s for everyone to realize that we all have to work together and love each other. Right now if he could see us right now he would say wake up.”

Lewis’ legacy is prominent in the City of Troy. Named one of the “Big six” leaders of a group that organized the 1963 March on Washington, Lewis was one of the most prominent leaders in the Civil Rights movement.

One Troy native told WDHN that he is grateful that Lewis’ legacy is being honored.

“I was living in Atlanta for a while and you see his face plastered over everything,” said Troy resident Fred Burden. “But now it’s time to give homage to a person like John Lewis to where his work won’t be in vain.”

Residents also said they believed Lewis would be of the courage many are showing in the face of the racial injustices in the country.

Rosa Tyner, the youngest out of the ten Lewis siblings said although Lewis may have been an icon and civil leader who fought for the equal rights of African-Americans, to Tyner, Lewis was simply her brother.

“John was a big brother who was gone a lot but when he came home he was just John,” Tyner said.

Lewis died at the age of 80 from pancreatic cancer this past Friday. No funeral arrangements have been made yet.

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