Tensions against police cause problems with hiring, Blakely police chief says


BLAKELY, Ga. (WDHN) — Tension towards law enforcement around the nation is one factor the Blakely Police Department said has made hiring new officers difficult.

According to the Blakely Police Chief Will Caudill, they don’t have much to compare the hiring process to in the past.

Caudill said he has noticed some effect from what’s been going on around the nation when hiring.

“One case, in particular, we had one applicant that was going through the hiring process and was all set basically to go to the academy,” he said. “They withdrew their application, and that seemed to be a factor in the environment today and the attitude towards law enforcement, maybe the increase risk of danger.”

Caudill said he understands some of the negative views towards law enforcement and that some of it’s justified.

However, he believes not all law enforcement should be viewed in a negative light.

“By and large the majority, overwhelming majority I feel with officers have good intentions are wanting to serve their community, are wanting to make a difference and do the right thing,” Caudill said.

Even with all the tension towards law enforcement, Caudill still encourages people to pursue being an officer.

“If you have that passion, that zeal to serve your area where you live, or the community that you came up in grew up in,” Caudill said. “It’s still a great field to be in. Don’t be discouraged by what you see.”

The department is currently hiring for a new officer.

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