Systemic racism can’t be fixed through legislation, local lawmaker says


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — With chaos erupting around the nation over the death of George Floyd, many are protesting and pushing for a change that will prevent what happened in Minneapolis in the future.

Rep. Dexter Grimsley, D-85th District, said fixing the problem will take more than passing a law.

“There’s no legislation that we can pass to fix this problem,” Grimsley said. “We have a situation now that hate can’t be fixed through legislation. A moral compass can’t be fixed through legislation.”

Grimsley said not all officers are bad, but some do need to be weeded out and not allowed on the force in the first place. He also believes there needs to be a more extensive background check.

“If you don’t pass that background check, you shouldn’t be hired as an officer,” Grimsley said. “If you’ve committed crimes or you’ve done stuff in your past as an officer, you shouldn’t be rehired as officer. So many times we rehire officers that have done stuff that is not becoming of an officer. We need to take a second look at that and make sure that we don’t rehire those officers.”

Grimsley said he understands the outrage, but doesn’t agree with the looting and rioting happening around the nation. He does believe there needs to be change.

“We need to try everything we can to fight back and make sure we allow this country to recover,” Grimsley said.

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