Supply shortage has led to issues scheduling vaccine appointments


DOTHAN Ala. (WDHN) — Last week there was some confusion regarding signup for the COVID-19 vaccine in Houston County according to Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe.

“Some people have been asked for an insurance group number, and they don’t have one so just some confusion about that,” Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe said. “So we’ve gotten that figured out, and people don’t know where to go or if they’re eligible, so we’re just trying to clear up some of that stuff.”

Some have had issues setting up an appointment, Shoupe said one reason for that is a supply shortage. According to Shoupe more is coming.

“The medical center, Southeast Health, they’re supposed to go from 450 shots a day to which is what they’re currently administering to 1,000 a day starting Monday the 8th of February,” Shoupe said. “So I’m hoping people will start getting calls back pretty soon about appointments.”

As far as getting more supply Shoupe said there’s nothing the county can do to get more, it all depends on the state.

“I know the hospitals and the clinics have been ordering as many as they can legally, but it just depends on how many the state gets, and that’s dependent upon how many the federal government gives to the state,” Shoupe said. “So that trickles down to Houston County.”

Shoupe added that Houston County won’t run out of vaccines, they’re just not getting them as fast as they want too.

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