Speeding to the New Year, Police arrest drunk driver on New Year Eve


DOTHAN, AL (WDHN) – Midland City Police arrested Michael Lewis Wiley ,36, of Dothan for driving under the influence and reckless endangerment after he exceeded speeds up to 120 miles per hour on New Years Eve Monday night.

The speed chase started in Dale County and ended near the Dothan Pavilion close to the Dunkin Donuts on U.S.. Highway 23. Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson says the chase happened due to Wiley being drunk while driving.
“His license were suspended from what I understand so he was just driving recklessly,” Olson said.
One of the Dunkin Donuts employee recalled what he said his coworkers saw Monday night when the incident happened while they were at work.
“We were just out here working and cleaning our store up a little bit and we had saw a vehicle coming and police car sirens,” Devan Wesley said. “Next thing you know, the car had just hit into here in this pole that was here (and) now we got a new pole. It was quite a scary reaction to see something to happen like that and we definitely wasn’t expecting something like that to happen.”
Olson says drivers tend to drink and drive more during the holidays because they have  more time off.
“Some are respectable with it, some just go out here and get blitzed and drive drunk and run the risk of taking another persons life with their car,” Olson said. 
“Just drive safe and watch for children as well and make sure you drive sober,” Wesley said.
There is still no word yet if Wiley has made bond from the Dale County Jail.

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