Southeast Health therapists talk stroke rehabilitation


Two therapists from Southeast Health talked to WDHN about stroke rehabilitation. 

After suffering a stroke, there are many roles in occupational and physical therapy for recovering. 

“We use functional tasks to help with upper extremities like strength. We also work on daily tasks like getting dressed and getting a shower. For speech, we work on understanding and swallowing making sure everything is going down the right way. In physical therapy, they make sure your function ability is safe and effective,” Occupational Therapist Ashton Lingo said. 

Strokes can usually cause you to forget how to do certain things such as everyday tasks. Southeast Health can help you recover. 

“Everbody is highly trained including all therapy departments and the nurses. We have the whole team there for you to help your recovery,” Physical Therapist Clay Thomley. 

Recovering from a stroke may not be the easiest thing because of it being time-consuming. Therefore, challenges can occur.

“It takes time. Lateral weakness like walking and sitting up can be difficult. It’s like starting over from scratch to get you back to being yourself,” Thomley said.

Stroke recovery usually takes three to four months. For caregivers, it’s important to not rush the process. 

“Be patient. It can take anything from three months to years. It can be difficult to learn how to walk again, so be supportive of them,” Lingo said. 

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