Solar Eclipse sighting in Dothan left some disappointed


There was a three hour time window to get even a glimpse of the solar eclipse and for many that time frame was nearly cut in half.

So did the eclipse still live up to everyone’s exceptions?

The moon covered the sun and the clouds covered the view for those at Landmark Park but some tried to use their special glasses to see through the storm.

For days even weeks leading up to the solar eclipse the protective shades were the must have items of the century.

“There was a long line but because we are park members we could go on ahead,” said Landmark Park member,

“No I paid $3 for her shades,” said Dakeila Fryer.

If all else fails maybe you should believe some things you read on the internet.

“If you have an old x-ray around then you can cut it out and look through it without damaging your eyes,” said Mark Kelley.

Mark Kelley did a little research and was able to take this picture with his phone by covering the lens with the x-ray.

Although Dothan only  expected to see 89 percent totality, many eclipse spectators were still thrilled.

“It’s a once in a life time event ,” said Dakeila Fryer. “I think I’ll be 130 year old by the next time is comes.”

But for some this abnormal moment isn’t bringing happy thoughts

“I had a dream about this and i think it’s going to be a disaster,” said Tauiynn Smith

The great unknown ushers hundred of community members out in this  south Alabama heat.

“The moon will look like it’s eating the sun I think,” said  Wesley Neenan.

In the meantime viewers will be able to enjoy Dothan Ice-cream handmade popsicles.

Until the need for these icy treats went away when the rain came to stay canceling the eclipse sighting before it reached totality.

“I feel okay,” said Darian McNally.

Others not so accepting

“I was really hoping to see it because my mom got me out of school so I didn’t have to watch the live stream of it,” said Sarah Lillian Gannaway


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