Snap-On Tools salesman accused of scamming clients

DOTHAN, Ala. - If you have a Snap-On Tool account you might want to pay attention to this story. Dothan Police Investigator Terry Nelson says that Snap-On employee Jason Raley would take payments from his customers and only put a little towards their payment and then keep the rest for himself. 

The Dothan Police Department has been investigating the Snap-On Tool man, Jason Raley, for theft of property after a customer came forward and said that his payments were not being credited to his Snap-On Tool account. 

Nelson says that as of now only two customers have come forward to accuse Raley of not putting their payments towards their Snap-On accounts and says as of now Raley is being charged with two counts of first-degree theft of property, but Nelson says if more victims of this scam come forward that number will rise. 

He also says that Raley has taken around 16 thousand dollars and if you are a Snap-On Tool customer and this has happened to you and you decide to contact the department you can ask for him as he is the one investigating this case. 

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