Slocomb’s economy still going strong despite pandemic


SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — The pandemic has affected many communities around the nation, slowing down business in some areas and having some communities see businesses closed for good.

Slocomb who was seeing their economy grow has barely been affected.

“During the last 6 months, 6 to 7 months I would say, we’ve held our own business wise,” Slocomb Mayor Rob Hinson said. “We’ve had more people shop local, more people buy local, and that’s helped the economy stay afloat.”

Slocomb even had a new business Jack’s open during the pandemic and it has been doing well.

According to Mayor Hinson restaurants in Slocomb have been affected the most, but none have closed.

“They’ve come back, they’ve done well,” Hinson said. “They’re strong, I can say we’ve got a very strong business community in our small town. I’m very proud of that, but we don’t have any to announce right now. I do know we have some businesses on the horizon and that’s always exciting.”

One thing Mayor Hinson credits for keeping Slocomb’s economy running well is the people and he says he can’t thank them enough.

“We just want to thank again our citizens for being patient,” Hinson said. “We thank our citizens for shopping at local businesses in town because those are the places that keep Slocomb afloat. Sales tax dollars keep our town afloat. We’re doing well, the town’s doing well. We’re moving forward, progressing, many good things in store for Slocomb.”

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