Slocomb couple warns residents of potentially tampered-with products after pet’s near death experience


SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — A Slocomb family is warning others to check any and all products from local stores after, they say, a tampered product nearly killed their precious pet.

For former State Senator Harri Anne Smith and her husband, Charlie, and their Shih Tzu, Boo, the past week has been a fight for Boo’s life.

According to Smith, it all started when she returned home from Slocomb’s Dollar General. After she put away her groceries, she went to put away her recently-purchased bottle of drain cleaner.

That’s when everything went wrong.

“I started to take it into another room and liquid just started pouring down my right side,” Smith said.

When Smith looked down, she discovered the cleaner had melted through its plastic bag — sending the chemical splashing on the ground and on her.

The cause: a seemingly tampered lid.

She quickly closed a nearby door, seemingly separating her pets from the dangerous chemical; or so she thought.

“We went into the den and I picked Boo up and he was wet,” Smith said. “There’s a picture that shows a stripe running down each side so it had dripped off the counter like in a blob on his back.”

It didn’t stop there.

Boo had already licked his body thereby swallowing the toxic liquid. His owners rushed him to the vet where he remained in critical condition.

Today, Boo is still alive but remains very sick.

However, despite what happened to their beloved pet, Boo’s owners say that’s not the main message they’re trying to send.

“We were certainly concerned about Boo, but we were more concerned that it’s up to us to look after animals and really small children because they don’t know that this stuff is dangerous,” Charlie said.

Now, the couple is warning other Wiregrass residents to pay close attention to their purchases—particularly ones containing chemicals.

“If they’re in Slocomb doing it, you don’t know what other store they may be tampering with products across the Wiregrass,” Harri Anne said. “We love the folks in this area and wanted them to know to just check your Drano, your chemical products and be safe.”

WDHN will continue following this story in the upcoming days.

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