Simulation center offers Wallace medical students new ways of learninig


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In this COVID-19 crisis world we’re living in, the medical field is always changing.

Wallace Community College is helping their students keep up with those changes.

Students began clinical training sessions in their simulation centers Thursday where they will have real-world scenarios to help them adapt.

Nursing instructor Wendy Dubose said with their advanced technology they will learn just that.

“Healthcare is ever-evolving, and so if we’re not able to keep up with that education, we’re not doing a service to our students,” she said. “So we’ve been very very blessed and fortunate that we have the technology that we were able to continue our instruction without interruption.”

Every student has different programs they are in, some for respiratory therapy dealing with babies others for childbirth or emergency situations.

Respiratory therapy student Youseef Bakr, who believes the pandemic has been a blessing for him, said the training is great.

“I know what I’m doing in the real world because of what I do here in the sim center because when I am in the real world scenario and I’m working with babies in the hospital, I automatically my brain goes back to this sim center,” Bakr said.

Once the college opened back up, students said classes and training went back to normal like before and they still learned the same — just safely.

“I mean to me it’s nothing that been any different before the pandemic besides the fact we’re wearing masks and keeping separate from each other, but beyond that, it’s been exactly how we’ve been doing it every day,” Michael Killingsworth said.

Dubose said the goal for their students has always been the same, despite the pandemic students must know how to adapt to the ever-changing trends in the medical field.

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