Shooting on McKay Street leaves one man dead


Last night there was yet another shooting in Dothan, this is the third shooting that has resulted in death, that brings the total murders up to six so far this year.

Cynthia Long has been a member of the McKay street community for about 20 years.

She describes it as a peaceful community during the day with neighbors who’ve built a support system that can’t be broken.

“She would go to bat for any of her neighbors because most of them are older and have no problems,” said Cynthia Long.

Once the sun begins to go down the younger generation comes out to play.

“Although there was a shooting every night or they were out shooting most of the time she said most of the time they were shooting in the air,” said Cynthia Long.

The home covered with gunshots was the main hangout spot and on any given night you could find about 25 people around what some in the community call the drug house.

“The shootings were about young people with guns who don’t know how to act,” said Cynthia Long.

Wednesday night this scene became the cities third shooting related death of the year.

“I think what happened here yesterday was just individuals getting in over drugs alcohol gambling whatever the case may be,” said Cynthia Long.

Friends and family on the scene said 28 year old Marcel Arline Jr. had other plans that day.

Now his mother and the soon to be mother of his child are planning a funeral.

“Young people don’t think about consequences either so I think it was just a spare of the moment something happened,” said Cynthia Long.

Long went on to say crime in this neighborhood has not increased she says this community has it’s good and bad moments.


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