Sec. of State John Merrill breaks down electronic check-in at the polls


Alabamians will be heading to the polls tomorrow to vote in the primary elections. This morning Secretary of State John Merrill spoke on what voters can expect to see at the polls. 

Merrill talked about state-wide upgrades like the electronic polling books. 

“In every polling precinct in the county, we will have an electronic poll book,” Merrill said. “So when you go and you present your ID, they will take your ID and they’ll actually scan it through the system.”

The Secretary of State says the electronic check-in should speed up the voting process. 

“[This] will enable that particular individual to have an expedited experience when they check in, reducing the wait time some 60 to 75 percent,” Merrill said.

Voters who do not have an Alabama license will have the first few letters of their last name keyed into the system to expedite their check-in process. 

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