Texas, Nevada leaving state AGs suit vs T-Mobile-Sprint

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The coalition of state attorneys general suing to stop the $26.5 billion merger of Sprint and T-Mobile has lost two more states, Texas and Nevada, two weeks before the trial is scheduled to begin.

Both Texas and Nevada said Monday that they made their own settlements with T-Mobile.

The coalition of state attorneys general, led by New York and California, goes to trial Dec. 9, arguing that the T-Mobile-Sprint deal will raise prices and be bad for competition. Mississippi and Colorado left the coalition in October, but 13 states and the District of Columbia remain.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement that the merger is bad for consumers and she remains committed to the litigation.

Texas said T-Mobile won’t raise wireless prices in the state for five years and that it will build a next-generation 5G network in Texas. Nevada said T-Mobile will provide low-cost plans for six years, build a 5G network in most of Nevada and also provide $30 million for small businesses owned by women and minorities and funding for broadband improvements for Native Americans.

T-Mobile has already promised federal regulators that it will build a national 5G network and keep prices steady for three years. They have approved the deal.

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