Sally aftermath: Checking in on Geneva


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — With the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, it left many citizens of Geneva on edge about the Choctawhatchee river.

But Geneva county EMA Director Erich Johnson said that they are looking in better shape than in previous years.

“And also here in Geneva tomorrow, it looks like our cresting, tomorrow afternoon, instead of around thirty five and a half what we originally thought yesterday,” Johnson said. “It looks like now it’s going to crest around thirty three feet, which is a lot better. We would’ve been concerned if we had gotten up to say thirty eight feet.”

Geneva county is no stranger to floods after storms but after the turn Hurricane Sally took, this one took some folks by surprise.

Geneva officials want citizens to remember that hurricane season is not over yet and to continue to stay prepared and alert for new storms.

“And I want our folks here in Geneva to be very vigil to the gulf coming,” Geneva Mayor Frankie Lindsey. “There’s other storms coming, we don’t know exactly where they’re going to land yet, we will know soon. I just want our folks in Geneva to be prepared. Be sure and get the safety supplies that you need.”

Director Johnson also asked citizens to stay away from the river tomorrow as it will be crowded with first responders around the cresting time and is not safe for people.

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