Robbery spree on West side of town ends in an arrest


Two robberies in less than 24 hours on Dothan’s West side and today one arrests has been made.

Both the Dothan police department and Houston County sheriff’s office coming together to solve the case.

During the first robbery the suspect made off with about $350 and some cigarettes then he got greedy for more.

One owner, who did not want to go on camera, has worked for 36 years at the bay springs convenient store.

He says he would’ve rather been in the store during the robbery than his employee.

“He’s not doing very well he’s probably going to have to go and have some therapy because he’s not able to sleep or anything he’s afraid to be here alone,” said Louie Hughes.

Hughes says shell plans on working with his third shift employee to get the help he needs through workers comp.

The first armed robbery hit was at the shell station at the corner of Brannon stand and highway 84.

“The guy was looking around under the counter like he knew where things might be,” said Louie Hughes.

Hours later the Bay Springs Market Place was hit the same way.

The owner says the robber is a coward who preys on people where they think they can get away with it.

“He told my employee to wait 10 minutes before he called anyone,” said Louie Hughes.

Jonathan Chase German was trying not to get caught;  however, he couldn’t escape Dothan police or the Houston County sheriffs office 

“We were both looking for the same thing and last night with the investigators working together we were able to locate the subject and take him into custody where we officially charge him with robbery first,” said Sheriff Donald Valenza.

German’s get away car was none other than a U-Haul truck

“He was living at the time on Greenvalley Road and more of less was in the process of moving to the East side,” said Sheriff Donald Valenza.

Jonathan German is currently being held at the Houston County jail charged with robbery in the first degree.

His bond has been set at $60,000 and more charges could be pending.


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