Residents shaken after two Geneva shootings


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Tensions are still high in one Geneva neighborhood after bullets flew through the air Thursday morning.

Warren Johnson, Myniko Harrison and Laquant Talbert all face charges stemming from two shootouts that happened Thursday morning.

According to police, the argument started around 9 o’clock on Meadow Avenue and led to shots being fired and one suspect being backed over with a vehicle.

“The victim actually was able to get back in his car and go to his house on Morris Street,” said Lt. Michael McDuffie. “The individual that hit him came to the police department to talk to us.”

While police interviewed that suspect, authorities received a call that another shooting had broken out on Morris Street.

“One of the individuals there had already left the scene, the other one was still there,” McDuffie said. “The other individual that left, we went to his house and was able to take him into custody also.”

Yet, residents continue to be on edge.

“I heard the gun’s bullets,” said Morris Street resident Ashley Vaughan. “They actually hit my house right there. It was very scary. I’m scared to even be here really.”

“It makes me feel scared,” said another Morris Street resident LJ Register. “I mean there’s nothing we can do about it.”

According to authorities, there will be extra patrols made in the neighborhood.

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