Reporting crimes to officers makes for a safer community


Communicating is one of the main ways police officers are able to solve crimes they often ask for help from you through social media and even through our broadcasts.

When speaking with Cynthia Long about the Mckay Street shooting she said neighbors struggle to report frightening activities.

“And a lot of folks just don’t like getting into other folks business that’s just the bottom line,” said Cynthia Long.

Long says certain neighbors are always causing a ruckus just like in any community but warning authorities could reduce the amount of crime.

“Reports we have of gang activity or drug activity affects the way we patrol with multiple shootings, one resulting in a death, within a week,” said LT. Brian Smith.

Dothan police don’t want anyone to let criminal behavior go unnoticed.

“Highly encourage people to call us with those you don’t know,” said LT. Brian Smith. “If you’re the only one who hear it you don’t want to assume that somebody made the phone call and nobody get sent over because we never heard about it.”

All it takes is a phone call and when the emergency dispatch respond don’t be short-tempered

“Just because a lot of people don’t understand why they ask your name your address and all this stuff,” said LT. Brian Smith.

Just know that dispatch as already sent an alert to first responders and they will be there shortly until then just stay on the line.

“One of the primary ones one of the main reason is because he is a potential witness to a violent crime we have to be able to get up with him,” said LT. Brian Smith.

You could also make an anonymous tip by calling crime stoppers; however, there won’t be an immediate response because officers will be notified by e-mail.


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