Report: Alabama among the least politically involved states in the U.S.


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — According to WalletHub, Alabama is the least politically engaged, but residents disagreed.

“Well I feel like that statistic is untrue,” said resident Brandesha Potter. “There’s a lot of grassroot operations going around in Dothan that is actually engaging the actual community,” Potter said.

It’s no secret that citizen engagement and voter turnout will play a huge role in this year’s election.

The state of Alabama is the least politically engaged ranking at 47. They based this ranking on the number of registered voters in the 2016 presidential election to the total political participation for every adult.

But Alabama House of Representative Steve Clouse, speaking for the republicans believe the division is between the political parties–based on sections.

“In general elections, we become sort of polarized where certain sections of the state is basically republicans and other sections of the state like Montgomery and mobile are mainly democratic,” said Clouse.

But League of Women Voters Chair Stephanie Butler says voter turnout is what’s important and adds to the overall engagement.

“Diversity of opinion in the electorate is what keeps us balanced and what keeps our politicians engaged in what’s important to the citizens. So the more people that vote the better I mean it’s essential to making Alabama better,” Butler said.

On the Democratic side, committee coordinator Lina Turner believes the problem is the Alabama residents not knowing the role understanding the policies plays in this engagement.

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