Rehobeth and Houston County BOE working together on paving project


The Town of Rehobeth and the Houston County School Board of Education are partnering together to complete a paving project at the Rehobeth Recreational Park.

“We went through ADECA, Director Kenneth Boswell, we talked to them and was able to get approval to be able to put a parking lot there,” Houston County District 3 Commissioner, Ricky Herring, said. “We own the property but the school uses it, we don’t even use it. It’s going to help the county and ball field, the town of Rehobeth with their baseball and Houston County schools.

After speaking to the Road and Bridge Department, Commissioner Herring went to the town of Rehobeth and the Houston County Board of Education to pitch the idea to them.

“I went to the town of Rehobeth and the town of Rehobeth jumped on board right then and said yes they would give $35,000 toward the project,” Herring said. “Then I went to the Houston County Board of Education, talked with David Sewell, and they also gave approval that they would give $35,000 toward the project.”

Herring said that because the town of Rehobeth is growing, once the parking lot is complete it will be better for the school.

“The baseball field hasn’t had a good parking area because it has had potholes and different things going on, but it’s going to make 69 parking places,” Herring said. “It’s (also) going to make the school look a lot better there, the ball field, but also building a luch room there will help with some of that parking and so forth also.”

Herring also said that while they don’t know when paving will begin, they want to have it complete by next baseball season.

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