Recent COVID surges has school officials worried as holiday approaches


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Over the past few weeks, there has been a surge in COVID-19 cases, putting a worry on health officials as students prepare for Thanksgiving break.

Schools like Wallace Community College has already decided on what’s best for their students.

“All community colleges in the State of Alabama will cease on campus instruction and will continue remotely for the end of the semester,” Dean of Instruction Leslie Reeder said. “Now again that was in response to some data that we received that there may be some coronavirus spikes.”

Reeder said the campus will be open for students if they need any services, but on-campus activity like being in-person for classes is not an option.

“They can still come in and get advising or if they’re behind, they can come and take tests because our faculty is here,” she said.

Students are able to meet with their advisor in person, to follow social distancing they both sit on separate ends of classrooms. Speaking of classrooms all of them are wiped and thoroughly sanitized after every class.

While these times are difficult, Reeder wants students to remember one thing.

“The biggest message I’ll give is we are all in this together, this has never happened before,” she said.

Wallace’s goal is to keep their campus safe while they continue to monitor the rising COVID cases.

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