Rebuild Alabama moves forward with renovations amid pandemic


The Houston County Commissioners met Monday to approve multiple grants to move forward on as the pandemic continues on.

One of these grants included funding to the Rebuild Alabama project which helps with different industrial projects, from road repairs to building structures.

Commissioner Mark Culver explained how the money has continued to help the county even when other businesses were closed or shut down.

“They’re out there doing what they need to do now. While it has caused some delays we feel like we’re going to be able to get everything processed in the right amount of time.”

Rebuild Alabama is paid for by gasoline and diesel tax, which counties can apply for the grant funding to help restore aspects of their roads and homes.

Houston County Chief Engineer Barkley Kirkland explained how the work in Houston County has been going.

“Well we had a little over 20 roads set up to be paved under this initial bond that we got from Rebuild Alabama. We have paved eight of those so far starting this year. We currently are doing our shoulder work; grassing and stripping and all and finishing those eight up.”

The team plans to continue to work no matter what is happening with the virus.

“We’ve come back, we’re working full time and working over time. The paving is progressing right along, you know, COVID-19 has slowed things down but it hasn’t stopped.”

Kirkland also explained that they will continue to work on the 20 roads until they are completed and will move on to other projects after, making sure the grant is going towards updating Houston County.

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