BREAKING: Lottery bill dead for the session, sponsor says

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UPDATE (4:00 PM):

The lottery bill is dead for this session, according to House sponsor Rep. Steve Clouse.

UPDATE (8:20 p.m.)

The lottery bill in Alabama is hanging on by a thread. Earlier today, the bill narrowly failed its procedural vote in the House; supporters were one vote short. Lawmakers then tried to revive the bill through a reconsideration but decided to push the bill back until Wednesday. 

Each bill only has the opportunity for reconsideration once. Since the House had 15 members absent Tuesday, bill sponsor Rep. Steve Clouse says it didn’t have the votes needed to revive this paper lottery bill. Alabama is one of five states without a state lottery. Creating a lottery isn’t just left to the lawmakers. If one of the lottery bills were to pass the legislature, it wouldn’t go to the governor for her signature, it’d go on the ballot for you to vote on next election.


 Lottery legislation has stalled in the House of Representatives after supporters did not have enough votes to get the bill up for debate.

The bill on Tuesday narrowly failed a procedural vote required to bring bills up for debate. Supporters were one vote short.

The proposed constitutional amendment would authorize a state lottery played with paper tickets but not with video lottery terminals.

The bill faced a mix of opposition. Some conservative lawmakers are opposed to gambling. Other legislators want to allow electronic gambling terminals. Some representatives wanted to steer more money to education

The proposal would steer 75% of lottery proceeds to the general fund and 25% to the education budget.

Alabama is one of five states without a state lottery.

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