Police search for suspect in Southeast Health attack


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A Southeast Health employee arrived for work around six when she was robbed while she was walking into work.

The attacked happened in the parking lot behind the parking deck.

“An unknown suspect, who grabbed her by her collar, forced her down on the ground, brandished a handgun,” Dothan Police Lieutenant Doug Magill said. “(They) put the handgun up to her and was saying something to her, but she had music going on her earbuds, and it was difficult for her to hear what was going on.”

The suspect then grab her purse and ran off into the woods over near the medical center.

Police haven’t identified who attacked the employee and are looking for the suspect.

“Currently, we have an investigator working that case,” Magill said. “We’re working on some leads. Obviously, it’s just started, but we feel pretty confident. We got decent video from the medical enter.”

Southeast Health declined to comment on the incident since it was being handled by police.

The police said the hospital has stepped up their security in response to the attack.

Police said to always be aware of your surroundings.

“Well anytime you see somebody suspicious people should be alert,” Magill said. “I think for the most part the security at the medical center is well aware of what’s going on and they have beefed up their security around the parking lot.”

Another way to stay safe is to not walk alone avoid incidents like this.

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