Police investigate rush of break-ins in Dothan suburbs


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A rush of car break-ins in Deer Valley and the Highlands has citizens bewildered.

Residents in the Deer Valley area didn’t think this would happen in their neighborhood.

“I was surprised,” resident James Stone said. “I thought we were kind of a pretty safe neighborhood.”

One resident said he had heard of multiple break-ins in the area, and police said there’s a reason for that.

“Typically, there is a spike in crime around the holiday times that we have to deal with in shopping centers and larger neighborhoods,” Dothan Police Corporal Taiwan Truitt said.

In the Deer Valley case, residents report that there was a suspicious white van seen patrolling the area on Halloween and Friday night. It was also spotted near where the car break-in occurred.

“I understand too, some lady had her purse taken from a car up in this area, and the purse was later found at the entrance here to Deer Valley later that evening or the next morning,” Stone said.

With the rise of car break-ins nearing the holiday season, police said make sure you keep your doors locked.

“Pay attention to when you exit your vehicle for the night,” Truitt said. “Whether you are going out to shop, or whether you’re in for the night, make sure you lock your vehicles up.”

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