DPD gearing up for heavier traffic Memorial Day weekend


DOTHAN, Al. (WDHN) — With Memorial Day weekend traffic tends to be heavier than usual and Dothan Police will be enforcing the normal laws and are asking people to please obey them.

“Speed limits, stops signs, and red lights,” Dothan Police Sergeant Dennis Sallas said. ” light turns red we need to stop, yellow slow down.”

With the heavy amount of construction on Ross Clark Circle, police think there’s going to be more problems than usual.

“We got a lot of construction on the circle right now that’s one of the biggest problems that we’re having right now is the heavy amount of traffic in the construction zone,” Sallas said. “It’s 40 mph, it’s posted, and people are still flying through there. So we need to ask everybody to slow down and pay attention to the speed limits.”

Police said the amount of traffic now and extra traffic due to the holiday is causing some more fender benders than usual. One concern for Memorial Day weekend is drunk driving, and police ask people to please not drive drunk.

“We do have a lot of problems this time of year with DUI’s,” Sallas said. “So we’re asking everybody to you know don’t drink and drive. Stay at the house, get a designated driver. We will be out in force enforcing the traffic laws and the DUI laws.”

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