Pinckard: Meet your mayoral candidates


PINCKARD, Ala. (WDHN) — With the municipal election less than a week away, three candidates are competing for the mayor seat in the town of Pinckard.

On the ballot, Pinckard residents will cast their vote for incumbent Mayor Bobby Borland, Jimmy Young, or Norman McKnight.

Mayor Borland is a native of the town and he says he wants to see the town grow. He says since he’s been in office there’s been tons of success from the fire insurance going down, new fire trucks, and starting and completing 27 new homes in a small town. However, he has bigger plans.

“I really wanna try to get some monies some grants and donations to build a community center but it will serve also as a storm shelter. We have people in this community that live in mobile homes and substandard housing and when you got a bad weather system coming in they worried about tornadoes and a place they can go and feel safe,” Borland said.

One of Borland’s opponents is Jimmy Young. Jimmy Young was apart of the council eight years ago and it’s his third time running for mayor. One of his goals is to make sure every person in Pinckard no matter your status or race is one accord. In addition, what are his plans for the town?

“I wanna take the factories that are on the boundary line of our city limit and bring them inside. I think our financial situation in this town could be a little better I don’t think its right for the citizens here to be the payer and let the factories or the companies benefit from it. I think we need to look into education too,” Young said.

The last candidate on the ballot is Norman McKnight. Norman McKnight is going on his 16th year of serving on the council and is well involved in the community. Mcknight wants to keep the town informed with the minutes of each meeting. He says he’s had success in the town building a ball field and bringing Christmas festivities to the town. He says he wants to build sidewalks for exercising, put up a caution light at the town hall intersection and extend city limits.

“We have to have the finances to do anything major you have to offer businesses some kind of tax exemption or something most of the time to get em in here. We in Midland City limits, Newton, and Dothan is not far and they’re threatening to come on through. So we need to extend city limits and get maha browns manufacturing and the feed mill into the city limits.

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