Pets tend to experience discomfort due to Fourth of July celebrations


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — While many of us will be celebrating the fourth of July popping fireworks or attending firework shows, keep in mind your pets may be a little frightened due to the loud sounds.

“They can hear so much better than we can its magnifying that sound we hear they’re confused by it. They don’t know what it is..they’re hiding because they think they are preyed upon,” said Dr. Ken Clark, a veterinarian with Care Animal Hospital.

According to Dr. Clark, a recent study revealed that over 50% of dogs respond to loud noises and while most effects are minor such as shivering and excessive barking, it can become a major problem.

“Some can be very destructive and they can start tearing through things like pillows and curtains and going through walls. I had them going through plate glass windows because of the severity,” Dr. Clark said.

In order to avoid tragedies to your fur baby, you must be cautious when celebrating. Never pop fireworks near your pet. If your neighbors are popping fireworks, there’s not much in your control but you can find your dog a cover that will muffle the sound for them.

If that’s not enough along with giving them your personal love, there is medication that can be prescribed by your local veterinarian.

“Melatonin is safe for dogs and cats typically it’s for what size they are for small dogs 3 or 6 milligrams and 10 for bigger dogs. I would start it several days prior to fireworks and things happening,” Dr. Clark said.

Dr. Clark says the medication is not a guarantee but it will help with comfort process. There are also other medications you can use as well.

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