Parents are placing their kids in harms way on social media


Keeping you safe with a warning from Dothan police.

 We often share tips with you at home on how your teenagers can stay safe online.

But this time we are here to tell parents how they are putting their children in harms way on social media.

There’s a lot of proud parents out there who want to show off their children’s accomplishments and social media makes that easier but it also makes it easier for them to be abducted as well.

The first day back to school is filled with so many emotions and so many parents want to capture the moment with a photo.

“Social media is public it’s shared between your group of friends and some times they share it with other friends when you didn’t want it to go to,” said  Investigator James Harvey, Dothan Police Department.

Dothan police are warning the parents against posting the details of your child’s’ school, grade and teacher.

“Be careful with that people can use that information and do anything with you,” said  Investigator James Harvey.

There’s already been recent attempts at abductions in the Wiregrass and sharing information like this makes it easier for your child to be the next target.

“For someone to go to your child at school with the information you posted and say hey Billy your mom told me to pick you up,” said  Investigator James Harvey.

On every social media platform there’s the opportunity to leave a location and on some it automatically lets everyone know where the post was made.

“This may give predators an inside look of your habits where you like to hang out where you stay where you shop where your kids like to go so just be mindful turn that location off,” said  Investigator James Harvey.

Having a proactive approach to social media will reduce the risk of your child being abducted.

“We receive reports all the time with parents concerned with the safety of their child after being approached by someone suspicious,” said  Investigator James Harvey

Although many teenagers post pictures of their first day or school 

Investigator James Harvey says the likelihood of someone older being abducted is little bit more slim

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