Paranormal history in the Wiregrass


NEWTON, Ala. (WDHN) — Bill Sketoe is one of the 13 ghosts of Alabama. The story goes he was hung here before this bridge was built during the civil war.

RIP Paranormal is an investigative group here in the Wiregrass that specializes in proving or disproving any form of paranormal activity.

“We try to figure out what the claims are and the history of a location and try to use some of our equipment to come up with reasonable explanations,” said Jerry Tyms, Co-founder of Researching In Paranormal (RIP).

The group also tries to do research prior to going to a location to find out the history. They say this can help them communicate with the dead spirit.

“We are here in Newton Alabama at Bill Sketoe’s hole this is the location were in the civil war Bill Sketoe was a Methodist minister and he was hung after he returned from war on a furlough to take care of his sick wife, and the people thought he was a deserter,” said Tim York Co-founder of RIP.

Sketoe was hanged on a tree, but his body weight caused the limb to bow over and his feet were able to touch the ground. One of the five men that were there to hang him was on crutches from the civil war and used his crutch to clear the dirt under Sketoe’s feet until he hanged to death.

“Up until they built the bridge and the overpass and then covered it with the big pieces of granite that hanging spot plus the five spots where the people stood where there for years and years, almost 100 years unfettered,” said York.

During the investigation of Bill Sketoe’s hole, there was some activity that was caught. RIP Investigations, uses tools such as night vision infrared cameras, K2 readers that measure electrical magnetic fields, and digital recorders during their investigations to be able to playback and listen to any activity they may have encountered. These tools also help them to be able to prove or disprove theories.

“We like to say that there are ghosts but sometimes it’s not really ghosts and it’s nice to be able to help folks with that,” said York.

If you’re interested in more information about paranormal activity reach out to RIP on their Facebook page, They have their next investigation appropriately planned on all hallow’s eve, October 31st.

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