Ozark residents giving mixed opinions on confederate monument


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — On Monday, Birmingham removed a confederate monument from a public park sparking a response from attorney general Steve Marshall.

Marshall is suing the city for violating Alabama’s Monument Preservation Law.

Dale county also has a monument outside the courthouse and locals have mixed opinions about it.

“It should stay up,” Dale County resident Margaret Fleming said. “It’s been here forever and it’s a landmark here in dale county. And you know taking down the monuments would be no way to solve the issues at hand you know. I think it should stay here.”

Another resident believes it should stay because of its history and he himself was a part of the military

“Being military myself people can see we’re doing something different you know in the state of Alabama,” Dale County Rafael Hernandez said. “You know how long it’s been here.”

Mr. Hernandez also recognizes the history behind the monument and thinks it should only be removed if it causes a major issue.

“You know and what it represents you know,” Hernandez said. “If it’s going to bring problems I’d rather remove it than to keep it.”

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