Opp City Council: ‘Unlawful’ to take care of more than two dogs or two cats


OPP, Ala. (WDHN) — Opp City Council members voted to continue an ordinance that makes owning several dogs and cats illegal.

In a Facebook Live video posted by radio station WOPP, council members discussed and voted on an ordinance that will affect how many pets residents can own.

“This ordinance is to limit the number of dogs and cats per property to two,” said Opp Mayor Mayor Becky Bracke.

Council members said the ordinance isn’t new. Instead, it’s a revision of another ordinance that’s been in affect since 2011.

“We have changed the way this is worded,” Bracke said. “That’s the main thing this ordinance was about was the way it’s worded.”

News 18 called and left several messages for Mayor Bracke as well as the Opp Police Department, but neither were available to comment.

According to Opp’s older code of ordinance, “It shall be unlawful for any person to harbor, keep custody or take care of more than two (2) dogs or cats, six (6) months old or older which are frequently outside the residence and on the premises…”

At this time it’s unclear when the ordinance will be enforced, how it will be enforced and what pet owners must do if they already own more than two dogs or cats.

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