Old Dominion celebrating their expansion


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Old Dominion, a trucking company in the United States had renovations at one of its service stations in Dothan.

The project cost $3.8 million and added 20 new doors to the facility. Old Dominion said the Dothan area needs it.

“It’s a really great expansion for us and allows us to give better service to our customers in the area, and do a lot more things, handle a lot more volume,” Old Dominion Southern Regional Vice President Craig Evans said.

Old dominion currently has 18 employees and 12 drivers at their Dothan facility, and they hope they can bring in more employees in the future.

“With the expansion and the capacity increase we can handle more business which does involve bringing in more employees,” Evans said

The renovation started at the beginning of the year.

The 20-door dock expansion was the first thing completed, and then the office was remodeled. The employees are happy about the changes.

“The morale inside the building and with the drivers seems to be 100 percent better,” Technology trainer Ken Rush said. “So, everybody feels good about it. Everybody has a good place to come to work, and everybody is excited about it.”

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