Officials warn of burns from hot playground equipment


While summer is typically when most people hit the pool, the playground is an option year-round.

People all across the United States have reported burns as a result of hot playground equipment.

“The CPSC has actually reported, not just thought that, burns could happen,” said Mike Hitchcock, Parks Manager for the City of San Angelo. “They have records of 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on playgrounds. Primarily, it’s from the older style metal playgrounds; in particular, the slides because they’re not coated so they’re very shiny and absorb lots of heat.”

To reduce the risk of injury from burns officials recommend parental supervision and appropriate clothing.

“The biggest safety factor you can do for a child is parental supervision,” Hitchcock said. “They learn not to touch a hot stove, but they are excited about playing and may not think about that metal piece being hot.

“Also preparing them properly with the proper clothes; I know it’s hot outside, but shorts and flip-flops and a t-shirt in hundred-degree weather in a playground in Texas is not a good idea.”

Close-toed shoes, long pants and sleeves, and sunblock are all recommended during summer.

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